Liver problem is a symptom of many kinds of diseases. For example if you have hepatitis then there will be inflammation of your liver. For people suffering from cirrhosis may also have liver problems.  Due to whatever reason if your liver is affected then you need to be careful about your diets as you may face digestion problem.

According to Dr Gurunath Reddy, in case your liver is affected due to any of the medical conditions, you must avoid certain foods. Liver is an important organ of our body. It has the following functions:

  • Filters your blood
  • Makes bile that helps in digestion and absorption of fats and distributes and processes fats to various tissues to produce energy
  • It also makes protein in our body
  • It also helps in metabolizing and processing irons and vitamins.

Therefore, if any liver problem is noticed then you should take following cares about your foods.

  • Limit your sodium and fluid intake

The ability of your blood vessels to retain fluid will reduce and as a result there will be leakage of fluid in your blood vessels. As a result, fluid gets built up in various other tissues. Therefore, you need to restrict salt and fluid intake so that you can reduce fluid retention. Therefore, avoid taking foods with high sodium like salts, canned soups, processed meats, cheeses, snack foods.

  • Limit your protein intake

If your liver is damaged, then your body finds it difficult to process proteins that may create ammonia in your body which is a toxic and that can cause problems in the brain. You can ask your dietician to decide your limit of taking protein. According to American standard it should be one gram of protein per kg of your weight per day. Protein food includes fish, meat, poultry, dairy products, nuts and seeds and also few cereals.

  • Avoid saturated fats

Liver problem may cause weight loss and hence for your general health you need to take little bits of fats and therefore you must choose unsaturated fats only. Foods that contain saturated fats like milk or any other animal products must be avoided. You also need to take little calorific foods so that your liver can produce sufficient bile.

  • Stay away from alcoholic beverages

Excessive drinking of alcohol is often a potential cause of liver problems. Therefore all kinds of alcoholic drinks must be totally avoided.

The condition of liver must be monitored time to time in order to bring changes in your diet in consultation with your dietician.