Spa treatments are good for both mind and body, but for someone who never experienced massage before, it is a little nerve wrecking to select a right spa.

Tips to select the right spa

Look for quality service

People have misconceptions with respect to price. Cheap rates mean not getting expected service quality. Expensive spa means high expectations from the place at overcharged price. Therefore, look for place like Strom Spa Montréal [Strom Spa in Montréal] to gain quality service at reasonable price.

Check for hygiene

Few shady places don’t follow cleanliness protocol, so make sure that you don’t end up in such unhygienic facility. Cleanliness needs to be given crucial priority. Remember good spa means clean spa.

Good customer service

This is also a huge element for spa experience. For example, you visited two different spas for manicure. You got the best manicure treatment but the manicurist in one made you feel comfortable, showed interest in talking with you, and appeared considerate. You enjoy more with such people. Read spa experience raving reviews, while searching.

Help in selecting right massage style

In general, standard massage is offered but each spa chain offers few signature styles. If you have some medical condition then it is wise to discuss this with the therapist. You can even determine a style on the basis of massage pressure you can handle and its purpose.

For example, you prefer gentle pressure and need it to get relaxed then aroma therapy is ideal, if you wish for getting relieved from muscle spasm or joint pains then choose Ayurvedic massage.

What to expect in spa session?

After massage style gets selected, some facilities request to fill form. The form includes questions like –

  • Are you suffering from pain?
  • Do you desire for more pressurised massage?
  • Which massage to avoid completely?
  • Which body parts need to be addressed more?
  • Are you allergic to specific oils?

You will be directed to dimly lit spa room. Soft music will be playing to help you feel relaxed. You will be asked to get wrapped in a long towel and lie on massage table with head facing downward. The masseuse starts the massage and asks you if pressure applied is comfortable or not.

Massage lasts for 35 to 35 minutes. You will be directed to steam room. This helps to open pores and absorb oil properly. You can then take a hot shower in the bathroom. Post massage you will be given herbal tea for extra calming and soothing effects.

Get rejuvenated at spa soon!