Many families think about shifting elderly members to nursing home when they are unable to do their work. This happens when none of the family or friends stay nearby and because you care for them and are always worried about their health, you prefer keeping them at a place where they would be looked after properly. However, if you see it from their point of view it is like caging a free bird.

We live our lives on our own terms then at later, we cannot adjust with somebody else who doesn’t know our routine and as a matter of fact is least bothered about our feelings. Many elderly people prefer staying in assisted living facility where they manage things on their own, while some prefer staying at home with the assistance of in home care services.

Not many of us know the difference between the two. Let us brief you on it so that you know which place is suitable –

  • Assisted Living
  • Home Health Care

Assisted Living

It is kind of community especially for elderly people, but here you would not get any kind of assistance related to daily activities. Therefore, it is meant for people who are capable enough to do their household activities. It is an apartment with one bedroom flats, but gives privilege to all senior citizens to mingle and become a part of the community.

Here the cost of living depends upon the services provided by the community, locality and how old the community is.  Although you don’t get nursing facility, but there are many other activities and meals, which are included in the monthly payment. However, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t get medical assistance during emergencies.

Home Health Care

It is given by trained professionals to elderly people at the ease of their home. Whether they are at assisted living or at their personal home, they get complete care and assistance from these professionals. They are not only trained in daily activities but also know how to act during medical emergencies.

These nurses are paid either on hourly basis, the type of service to be rendered or depending upon the complication of case. The best part of private care is that everything is done by professionals. Not only that, but they also become a good companion for them.

Both the services have their own importance. It is up to the family member to decide which service will be easy for their senior members. In both ways, all we are concerned about is their happiness.