Parenting a toddler isn’t the easiest task. Right after the first month, you have to take some serious decisions with regards to their eating habits, because getting your baby off breast milk to regular adult foods often is a confusing transition. Here’s a list of things worth knowing about toddler nutrition.

Understanding your child

Children, especially toddlers, are messy and picky eaters, so patience comes in handy. You have to understand that your baby cannot just jump into adult foods right away, and it is always better to introduce a few things at a time. By the age of 1, you have to try new foods, but your baby is selective, don’t lose hops. There are some amazing nutrition-based formulas like SGM Milk in the market, which offers all the essentials that the baby needs, while you can keep trying new items. Take your time and don’t push your baby to eat things that he/she doesn’t like.

Creating a diet

Babies between the age 2 and 4 are capable of emoting their preferences. At this point, you can still include formula foods that are high on nutrition, but you also must have a diet plan in place, so that foods can be introduced. Your baby can now have basic sources of animal protein, including eggs, fish, and chicken, but yes, everything should be cooked to perfection. Milk is a good inclusion, and you can try cheese and yogurt, as well, although don’t be rigid about feeding these things. What’s more important is to check if the child is eating enough and getting adequate nutrition. Fruits and veggies should be a part of the daily diet, and you can add a few cereals, as well.

Cut on the wrong snacks

Anything that’s high on sugar content is usually liked by kids, although no two toddlers are the same. Make sure that you are not feeding anything that’s high on sugar and salt content. Say no to processed foods, packaged juices, which have empty calories. Too much snacking between the meals is also a bad idea. By the age of 2, your child can have meals with the adults of the house, so imparting lessons related to healthy eating is easy.

Finally, don’t insist your finishing the plate. As long as your child is eating enough, there isn’t much to worry about, and you already have formula foods to ensure complete daily nutrition.